Nemesis and FNIS Guide (2024)

Running Nemesis & FNIS Together

This guide was made on June 30, 2024. I used MO2 in this guide, but it will work using other mod organizers with slight adjustments. I am running Skyrim AE 1.6.1170 with all DLCs and CC content enabled, with around 40,000 animations and 474 mods (181 esps).

Download FNIS/Nemesis and any related components you need and set them up to run in MO2, then create output folders for both Nemesis and FNIS; this is where your generated files will be stored once complete.

To do this, right click any empty space in your left pane and select "Create empty mod," name it "'Nemesis' or 'FNIS' Output", respectively - you're making two, you need both. Click the gear icon at the top of your screen. Select the plus icon, then "Add empty." Name it FNIS, then select the 3 dots next to the binary entry and navigate-to/select your FNIS Behavior executable (GenerateFNISForUsers.exe). Select the 3 dots next to the "Start in" entry and select the folder that executable is in. Tick the box that says "Create files in mod instead..." and select your FNIS Output mod. Repeat this process for Nemesis.

Enable everything and organize the files in your left pane as seen below. Plugin order is unimportant (for now).

Nemesis and FNIS Guide (1)

1. Disable all Nemesis files in your left pane (engine, creatures, output, etc.).

2. Run FNIS through MO2.

3. Tick the appropriate boxes for your setup and select "Update FNIS Behavior." Close when complete.

4. Right click on your "FNIS Output" mod in your left pane, and select "Open in Explorer." Copy themeshesfolder and paste it somewhere safe.

5. In MO2, enable all Nemesis files in your left pane (engine, creatures, output, etc.) and disable all FNIS plugins (right pane). For me, this is FNIS.esp and FNIS Spells.esp.

6. Right click on your "Nemesis Output" mod (inside MO2) and select "Open in Explorer," then navigate toNemesis_Engine > cacheand delete everything. If you've never run Nemesis before, there will be nothing there so disregard.

7. Run Nemesis through MO2.

8. Click "Ok" for both pop-ups, and before ticking any boxes hit "Update Engine." Once finished, tick the appropriate boxes for your setup and select "Launch Nemesis Behavior Engine." Nemesis usually crashes the first time I launch the engine, but runs fine after relaunching it. When it crashes just run Nemesis from MO2 again, then launch the engine again.

  • If Nemesis continues to crash, you likely have too many animations:
    Right click on your Nemesis engine inside MO2 (Project New Reign) and select "Open in Explorer." Then,navigatetoNemesis_Engineandopen "nemesis.ini." Change the value ofMaxAnimationto a value higher than your animationcount; forme it's 40,000 (don't judge me). Saveand exit. You then need to re-enable everything and restart from step 1 (yes I'mserious).

9. After it's finished generating close Nemesis and right click your "FNIS Output" mod, and again select "Open in Explorer." Move themeshesfolder you copy/pasted earlier into the "FNIS Output" folder, select replace all.

10. Enable your FNIS plugins (right pane) and sort with LOOT. Now all of your FNIS/Nemesis files and plugins should be enabled, and you're good to launch SKSE.

  • Note:To clarify, Nemesis does not and should not have any plugins - I'm referring to FNIS.

This process needs to be done each time you add/remove an FNIS or Nemesis animation. Even if you only add a Nemesis animation, you still need to start from step 1 and run FNIS again.

I am not an expert in this area by any means, as you might be able to guess. This is a guide I made that works specifically for my setup because I couldn't find any guides online that actually worked. While this may not work for everyone, I hope it at least saves a few hours for the people it does help. Feel free to point out new techniques and I'll give them a try/update this guide if they prove to be more efficient.

If Nemesis continues to crash after raising the animation limit you may have problems with your load order, or incompatibilities between your mods. Like I said, I am not an expert and probably cannot help you; here's a link to the Nemesis Discord, somebody there can help you.

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    1. cluxdyxox

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        I don't think Vortex has a feature to create empty mods and name them, it's a cool guide but only works for MO2 by the looks of things

          1. pastprogression

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              I got an update coming soon, I haven't had time but I will be testing where FNIS and Nemesis send their output when running through Vortex. The only real difference is I don't think Vortex supports output folders, meaning you may have to do more work. If Vortex has the ability to send output to separate mods then the steps should be the same. If anyone with experience using Vortex wants to pitch in it would help me add accurate information to the guide :)


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