Champions Immunity List - MCOC Guide (2024)

It’s very important that you are aware of the champions’ immunity if you want to use them against a champ that causes certain debuffs, like Poison, Bleed, Shock, etc., and even there are some nodes that cause the bleed or poison health drain. So we are here with a complete list of Champions immunity.

If you want to know whether your champion is immune to certain debuffs or not, you should check the list below to find out.



Absorbing ManBleed and Shock Immune (During Black Uru)
Incinerate, Coldsnap, and Frostbite (During Magma)
Poison (With Immortal Hulk/Abomination Synergy)Adam WarlockSovereignty Buff makes immune to Nullify, Fateseal, and Stagger
Stasis Pod makes him immune to shock, incinerate, coldnsnap, and frostbiteÆgon (Duped)Up to 100% immune (Depends on Combo Meter)Agent Venom70% Chance to Shrug off all debuffsAngela

Signature Ability: Up to 35.05% lesser debuff duration for each buff on Angela.
With 3 or more buffs, she is kinda immune to everything

Ant-Man (Future)

Up to -90% duration for bleed and incinerated – signature dependednt


Develop Immunity to Bleed, Incinerate, and Disorient over 8 seconds and lasts for the rest of the quests
Stun Immune at 3+ Genetic Code while hitting


Incinerate (At 10 stacks of Hydration)

Baron Zemo

5 indefinite Cleanse Passives can purify 5 debuffs (except stun)

Black Cat

Can Purify Up to 3 Debuffs after Special 1
Can get Cleanse Charge after Special 1

Black Panther Classic

Stun-Immune (While hitting Block)
Signature Ability- Up to 100% chance to Purify 1 Debuff While intercepting


Shrugs off debuffs up to 95% faster based on Power Meter (95% faster when 3 bar of power is active).
40% chance to prevent debuffs from triggering against all Dimensional Beings.
Add Ghost Rider in Team to Prevent Debuffs (40% Chances) from All Villain Champions.
Add Mephisto or Dormammu in the team to Prevent Debuffs (40% Chances) from All Mystic Champions.


65% reduced bleed damage


Shrug off 1bleed stack at the cost of 1 prowess charge


Each successive poison duration reduced by 20% until he becomes fully immune

Captain America IW with Skill Synergy

up to 100% chance to purify all debuffs at the cost of 1 kinetic potential (Depends on the amount of added signature)

Captain America (Sam Wilsom)

Each Armor stack provided 25% Ability Accuracy against Bleed

Captain Marvel Movie

Takes no damage from all debuffs while indestructible is enabled

Cassie Lang

Power Steal Immunity depends on signature

Civil Warrior

Each Armor provides 25% Bleed and Poison Ability Accuracy

Corvus Glaive

Bleed + Coldsnap + Shock(When Immunity is active)


90% Chance to Shrug off all debuffs


Up to 30% less damage from all source while poisoned
(scales with signature)


50% chance that bleed expires after 1 second

Elsa Bloodstone

While suffering from a Non-Damaging Debuff, Elsa has a 100% chance to Purify 1 of any Debuff every 2.60 seconds.

Emma FrostBleed, Poison, Shock, Stun, Incinerate, Frostbite, Coldsnap, Fatigue, Concussion, and ExhaustionGalan

Stun Immune while harvest in active


150% lesser bleed Debuff Potency
(When Flack Jacket is on)


Takes no damage from all debuffs while phasing


Up to 79.98% Bleed Resistance

Energy (Shock/Incinerate) Resistance
(All scales with signature)


55% Reduced Duration for all Debuffs


Stun Immune While he has strength
15% lesser Bleed Debuff Potency

Hit Monkey

100% chance to Purify one of each Stun and Damage over Time Debuff when

Primal Rage Passive is enabled

Howard the Duck

Up to 1.3 seconds lesser debuff duration against Mutant
(scales with signature)

Hulk Ragnarok

Regenerates 70% of damage taken by passive debuffs.


20% poison resistance

Infamous Iron Man

Shock and Incinerate (While Armored Up)
Stum Immune (against the last hit of Sp1, Sp2, and Heavy)

Invisible Woman

Purifies all the Vulnerability debuffs when invisibility expires

Iron Man Infinity War

Bleed + Coldsnap (when Armor’s Up)

Jabari Panther

Purify Debuffs and Degeneration while hitting
Stun Immune (When The Hunt is On)


65% reduced poison damage.
Reduced duration forNon-damaging debuffs Depending on Signature

Kate Bishop

Purify Stun while being hit by a basic attack

Killmonger with Void Synergy

KIllmonger has a 35% chance to purify a debuff and regenerate 4% health when Vibranium Armor is active.


Stun Immune when Dread Aura in active


50% Chance to Shrug off all debuffs

King GrootShrug off debuffs after 0.5 sec at the cost of 1 fury buffKitty PrydeStun-Immune While Phasing
Immune to Reverse Control with Emma Frost SynergyKnull40% Degeneration Resistance
60% Bleed and Poison ResistanceKorgWhen Rock Shield is active on Korg, he gets 65% chance to shrug off all debuffs and gain a rock shieldLady DeathstrikeImmune to Rapture and Armor Break When Nanobots Regenerator is activeLuke CageTakes no damage from all debuffs while indestructible is enabledMagneto

90% Less Damage from Bleed Effect


Shock, Incinerate, Coldsnap, and Frostbite (When Energy Protection is Active)

Mister Negative

Gain 40% Degeneration Resistance
each unique buff applied on the opponent

Mister Sinister

No Immunity but the first special attack will transfer all the debuffs to the opponent. So he is usable for Bleed, Poison, or any damaging debuff node.

Misty Knight

Each Anti-Metal charge provides 3% chance to purify Debuffs
When Duped: After inevestigation is complete, she gets 100% to purify all debuffs from science champioms for 18 seconds

Mole Man

100% chance to purify debuffs after 1-second (0.5-second when 5 or more monster mass is ready).
This chance reduces to 70% while fighting Mutant.
Cannot Purify While in Frenzy Mode


Purifies all debuffs when activating Psionic Transcendence


Mind Control (Reverse Control) Immunity With Emma Frost Synergy.
Ability Accuracy Immunity (Shuts down for 10 secs if armor is broken or not Knocked Out by Spider-Verse Champs).
Immune to poison (if armor is not broken)


Depending on the Signature count < Takes up to 100% less damage from debuffs while attacking >


Can shrug off 3 Shock debuffs and gain 5 shock charges each

Nick Fury

Stun-Immune while hitting Auto Block
When Duped: Stun-Immune (After Life Model Decay Destroyed)
Knock Down the Champion to Purify all non-damaging debuffs
At 10+ Tactical Charges, Nick Fury Purifies all type of debuffs after knocking down the opponent (Including Void’s Debuffs)

Night Thrasher

When Awaken: Up to 50% chance to purify debuff when you knock down the opponent (Depends on the amount to signature)


Immune to Ability Accuracy again Mutant only

Old-Man Logan

95% reduced bleed damage

Omega Red

90% reduced bleed damage


Neutralize Immune (Spider-Man Supreme Synergy)

Peni Parker

Stun Immune While Sync-Shield is active


Stun Immune with 15 or more Mystical Charges


70% Reduced Duration for all Debuffs


Well-Timed Block has a 100% chance to purify a debuff.


Takes 95% less damage from bleed


Stun Immune when Wrath of Tanaraq is active


Up to 90% Resistance to Bleed, Shock, Incinerates
(30% each Transmutation Buff)


Cleansing Strike (Medium, Light, Medium):Purify 3 Debuff(s)
Also, gain one Cleanse passive to purify next debuff

She-Hulk (Duped)

X% chance to purify Debuff Each Hit She lands against Science champs

Silver Centurion

Bleed and Shock (When Armored Up)


15% degeneration resistance for
each Spider-Nonsense on the opponent

Spiderman (Stealth Suit) with Iron Man IW Synergy

Spidey Stealth cannot be shocked or incinerated while the opponent is slowed


Stun Immune (While Untouchable)

Squirrel Girl

She can purify all non-damaging Debuffs when Tippy-Toe is attaching

Storm with Storm Pyramid X Synergy

Immune to Coldsnap and incinerate


Each successive debuff reduces potency by 10%, until 10 when he becomes fully immune.

The Overseer

Stun Immune while Auto-Block is active


40% Shock resistance

Thor (Jane Foster)

70% Shock resistance


Bleed (With Absorbing Man Synergy)

Ultron Prime

70% Resistance to Shock and Incinerate
(Depends on Signature)


Stun-Immune (While has Bulwark on)


Against Tech Champs:
Power Burn
Power Drain
(No Degen against Warlock)


Against Tech Champs:
Power Burn
Power Drain
Armor Break
(No Degen against Warlock)

Viv Vision

Nullify and Fate Seal Immune while armored up
Reversed Control Immune After Special 3 (Until fury buff is active)


8% to purify Poison, Degeneration, Shock, Incinerate, and Coldsnap
This chance is increased by Up to 33% (25%+8%) depending on the signature level.

All Champions with Nick Fury and Deadpool (all versions) Synergy

If Nick Fury is alive, Once per-fight all team members (except Nick Fury) can purify poison, shock, and bleed debuff and regenerate 10% of max health.

The short answer is “no.” But, you can avoid it with some champs. Let’s know how…

Champions Immunity List - MCOC Guide (2024)
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