Ball by Ball Commentary & Live Score - IND-W vs SA-W, 2nd T20I (2024)

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2nd T20I (N), Chennai, July 07, 2024

, South Africa Women tour of India


Ball by Ball Commentary & Live Score - IND-W vs SA-W, 2nd T20I (21)South Africa Women

(20 ov) 177/6

Ball by Ball Commentary & Live Score - IND-W vs SA-W, 2nd T20I (22)India Women

No result










end of over 2013 runs • 1 wicket

SA-W: 177/6CRR: 8.85

Annerie Dercksen12 (3b 3x4)

Eliz-Mari Marx1 (2b)

Pooja Vastrakar 4-0-37-2

Shreyanka Patil 4-0-37-1

8.52pm South Africa collect 31 runs off the final two overs and what was looking like a score in the mid 160s ends up being 177 for 6. India will still be pleased with their effort after the flier South Africa got. Tazmin Brits got a reprieve early and made the Indians pay as South Africa raced to 66 for 1 after six overs. But, Deepti Sharma and the spinners got India back in the game. Brits scored back to back fifties while Anneke Bosch's 40 off 32 and Annerie Dercksen's three-ball 12 too South Africa to a fighting total. Can India chase this down and save the series? Join Shashank in a bit to find out.

Anneke Bosch: It was good, it was a bit difficult, more difficult for me. It was a bit slower than I thought the wicket to be. I wanted to get a partnership in. We are pleased. Still have a job to do with the ball. But pleased with the score we got on the board today. We had a flier at the start and we were looking to get to a similar score to the other night. It was a little bit difficult to score later on with the pitch getting slower and the ball getting softer.



Vastrakar to Dercksen, FOUR runs

Ends the innings on a high and Annerie Dercksen has made India pay for that drop. Back of a length ball just outside off, she scythes it over extra cover to make it three fours in three balls.



Vastrakar to Dercksen, FOUR runs

Low full toss outside off, she drives with authority through the covers for four more



Vastrakar to Dercksen, FOUR runs

In the air and Rodrigues spills it! Banged in short around Annerie Dercksen's waist. She pulls, not out of the middle of the bat as Rodrigues sprints across from deep midwicket. Gets both hands to it but fails to hang on

Annerie Dercksen to face her first ball



Vastrakar to Marx, 1 run

Back of a length ball that thuds into Marx's thigh pad as they scamper through for a legbye. Annerie Dercksen has to put in a dive to make it home


Vastrakar to Marx, no run

Banged in short, Marx has to take evasive action quickly

Marx comes in



Vastrakar to de Klerk, OUT

And she strikes right away. Back of a length ball well outside off, De Klerk looks to pull it straight down the ground, gets it off the toe end up of the blade and balloons straight up for Sajana to take a simple catch

Nadine de Klerk c Sajana b Vastrakar 14 (9b 2x4 0x6 16m) SR: 155.55

South Africa on 164. How many can they get in the last over? A slight drizzle setting in as well. Vastrakar to bowl the 20th. She is over the wicket. The ball is getting changed.

end of over 1918 runs • 1 wicket

SA-W: 164/5CRR: 8.63

Nadine de Klerk14 (8b 2x4)

Shreyanka Patil 4-0-37-1

Arundhati Reddy 4-0-37-0



Patil to Bosch, OUT

Knocks her over! Patil keeps it on a length and the trajectory flatter on leg stump. Bosch gets across looking for a sweep, misses and the leg pole has been uprooted.

Anneke Bosch b Patil 40 (32b 6x4 0x6 45m) SR: 125




Patil to Bosch, FOUR runs

And another! This time over the offside. Gives way too much width outside off as Bosch charges down and lofts her over extra cover



Patil to Bosch, FOUR runs

Oh, what timing from Bosch! Jumps down, she was deceived by the shortened length but still manages to nail the flat-bat hit past a diving long-on



Patil to de Klerk, 1 run

Dragged down a touch ,she goes back and pulls to deep midwicket



Patil to de Klerk, 1 wide

Ooh, called a wide. Think that was inside the tram line. Pushed quicker outside off, she lets it go. Patil is not impressed

Back over



Patil to de Klerk, FOUR runs

Dragged down and de Klerk gets two in two. Backs away and pulls to the right of deep backward square leg this time around.

Goes around



Patil to de Klerk, FOUR runs

Splits the gap to perfection! Looped up on leg stump, de Klerk gives herself room and brings out the slog sweep to the left of deep backward square leg

Can South Africa get to 170? Here's Patil from over the wicket

end of over 187 runs

SA-W: 146/4CRR: 8.11

Nadine de Klerk5 (5b)

Anneke Bosch32 (29b 4x4)

Arundhati Reddy 4-0-37-0

Deepti Sharma 4-0-20-2



Reddy to de Klerk, 1 run

Keeps it on a back of a length at 104kph on leg stump. De Klerk pulls it to deep midwicket



Reddy to Bosch, 1 run

Back of a length ball outside off, she punches to extra cover for a quick run



Reddy to Bosch, 2 runs

Good innovation from Bosch. On a length outside off, she gets across eyeing a scoop and gets it over the keeper's head for two



Reddy to de Klerk, 1 run

Gives herself room but Reddy follows her as de Klerk adjusts and ends up flaying it to deep square leg



Reddy to Bosch, 1 run

Keeps the length ball away from Bosch's hitting arc. She can only bunt to deep cover



Reddy to de Klerk, 1 run

On a length outside off, she punches to deep cover

Reddy back from over the wicket

end of over 178 runs

SA-W: 139/4CRR: 8.17

Anneke Bosch28 (26b 4x4)

Nadine de Klerk2 (2b)

Deepti Sharma 4-0-20-2

Radha Yadav 3-0-31-1



Sharma to Bosch, FOUR runs

Lofted up and over Deepti's head and Bosch ends the over on a high. Floated on the off stump, Bosch jumps down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball and swings cleanly



Win Probability




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SA Women Innings


L Wolvaardt


T Brits


M Kapp


A Bosch


CL Tryon


N de Klerk


A Dercksen

not out123

E Marx

not out12
Extras(b 1, lb 1, nb 1, w 1)
Total177(6 wkts; 20 ovs)

P Vastrakar


S Sajana

1013013 (1 nb)

A Reddy


SR Patil


RP Yadav


DB Sharma

1st43Tazmin BritsLaura Wolvaardt
2nd32Marizanne KappTazmin Brits
3rd38Anneke BoschTazmin Brits
4th18Chloe TryonAnneke Bosch
5th33Anneke BoschNadine de Klerk
6th0Nadine de KlerkAnnerie Dercksen
7th13Eliz-Mari MarxAnnerie Dercksen

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Ball by Ball Commentary & Live Score - IND-W vs SA-W, 2nd T20I (2024)
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